Friends of Llanspyddid

Friends of Llanspyddid was set up in September 2010 to improve the quality of life for the Llanspyddid community. Membership is open to all who live, work or have a legitimate interest in the area. With the object of improving the quality of life within the village, develop a sense of community, hold social events and assist with the upkeep of the village.

Over the past few years a lot of work has been done in the Village Playground.
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Meeting Minutes







Our restored Bus Stop Shelter
Many thanks to all those who helped to clean and restore our village bus stop shelter. More photos


New Village Defibrillator
After much work with grants through the Brecon Lions and the British Heart Foundation our village now has a defibrillator, which is situated by the notice board next to the church and church field. These defibrillators are very easy to use, as they talk you through every step. If you have never used one before have a look at this demo by the manafacturere of our defibrillator. Plus more videos here showing how to use it on children. And we will be organising CPR training very soon.


These are the 8 Mosaics made by the children of Llanspyddid

Below are the eight mosaics that were designed and made by the children of Llanspyddid, these are now set in the ground in the playground for all to see.



Playground Update

January 2015 The Balance Beam returns to the Playground.
December 2014 Our New Play equipment is installed in Playground.
October 2014 Wild Flower seed planted and Willow Tunnel Pruned.
January 2014 More fruit trees planted in the Playground.

4th November 2013
A £300 cheque
being handed over to the children of Llanspyddid to go towards the Playground Project from Calor.
14th April 2012
Just for information - Weston Power has authorised Smeardon to remove two trees that are within 3m of the power lines running alongside the Playground and Meadowside.
28th April 2012
Today we managed to dig the holes and get the five fruit trees planted, the weather was kind to us today and stayed dry whilst we were working, but more rain is forecasted which will be great for our newly planted trees to get settled in. photos can be seen here.
31st March 2012 We had a great turn out today from the village, where we were able to plant and build the Willow Tunnel, construct the planter and get the old swing painted. photos can be seen here.
10th March 2012
The rocks arrived today, and the weather held off, so that we could get machinery onto the playground without digging up to much of the grass, these rocks were moved around and positioned using a telehandler with great precision, now that the rocks have been positioned we can now organize getting the trees and willows, photos can be seen here.
26th October 2011
Great news!  Our grant application for the nature area in the playground has been accepted by the Brecon Beacons Trust for £4520.00.  Looks like we have a bit of work to do and some organising to do for next spring!!!!  See attachment below. Essentially the terms and conditions state that we will spend the money on what we said we would, notify them of any changes or problems we have, that they can come see our project and they can check our accounts. 
Click below to view Formal Offer of Grant letter.


3rd April 2011
Dear all,
we are making progress with the playground - we have received the attached documents and images from Park Leisure - they are NOT what we will necessarily have - the chap from Park Leisure was with Steve Butcher and offered to map and quote.

What next:
Rob G. has done some great (to scale) maps of the playground - that we need to add to.
Then end result should be a map with the items plotted (including large rocks) and the actual cost.
Once we have those and Sunita has written a summary document/proposal we can divide up funding sources and make applications/approach businesses as appropriate.Sunita will try and catch-up with Steve Butcher and get some help with quotes on the rocks etc. that we can use in applications.Please send all your ideas to the webmaster - especially those for funding - grants/businesses etc.
Proposed Ariel Image of Playground
Proposed Image from Playground
Written Quotation from Park Leisure
11th March 2011

 Sunita on behalf of Friends of Llanspyddid,

I met with Steve B. from Powys today, we measured out the playground, what types of equipment could go where, and he did some sketches, a play equipment provider also came along and made suggestions. Steve will send me a digital file/map that we can use for our consultations. We are planning on holding some consultations next week: please come with your ideas for play equipment and fundraising.