Grave 060a


This extra information was supplied by Mr Roger Caves from Dorset, who is related to Evan Watts.

You have a photograph of the gravestone of Evan Watts (1827-1908).  He was my wife's great great grandfather (Evan Watts - David Watts farmer of Tralllong, buried at Penpont) - Arthur Llewellyn Watts, lost with HMS Charybdis in 1943 and commemorated in Penpont Church - David Ronald Watts, living in Dorchester - Carole Watts, now Caves.  Evan was married to Margaret nee Llewellyn (1837-1932).  She is buried with him and the attached photograph is of the gravestone taken probably some 30 years ago on which you can just about make out Margaret's name before it was eroded by the ravages of time - but such a relatively short time since.   Also attached is a photograph of Margaret taken probably just before she died at her home in Brecon at the ripe old age of 95, and a copy of the newspaper obituary at the time which may be of interest.   Interestingly, there is also has a report about the death of one of the survivors of Rorke's Drift.