Playground Update through Photos

Here is a update on the progress of our Village Playground through Photos. 

November 2017 - clearing out the garden bed.
November 2017 - sorting the roses.
November 2017 - cutting back the hedgerow
November 2017 - working on the willow tunnel
November 2017 - Trimming back the hedgerow
November 2017 - More strimming.
October 2016 - Strimming the Wild Meadow grass.
October 2016 - Raking up the strimmed grass.
October 2016 - Chainsawing some of the left over logs from when big trees were taken down.
October 2016 - More strimming around the Willow Tunnel.
October 2016 - Pruning back the roses.
March 2016 - Cleaning out the Growing Bed.
March 2016 - Repairing the Hedgerow.
March 2016 - Pruning the Willow Tunnel.
March 2016 - Pruning the Willow Tunnel.
March 2016 - Time for Tea.
March 2016 - Cutting back some of the small trees.
January 2015, The balance beam returns to the Playground.
January 2015, The Willow tunnel getting prunned rteady for the spring.
January 2015, Even our younger residents get involved in tidying up our Playground.
January 2015, Loading up and taking away all the hedge trimmings.
January 2015, Load testing and safty checks preformed on new slide.
December 2014, New play equipment installed.
December 2014, New play equipment installed.
December 2014, New play equipment installed.
October 2014 - Jenna and Sunita fitting the painted slates to the raised bed that were made at our suumer event.
October 2014 - Andy trimming the hedgerow.
October 2014 - Brad with the strimmer in the wild section of the playground.
October 2014 - Sunita thinning out the raised bed.
October 2014 - Levi doing what he does best.
October 2014 - Gill and Jenna thinning the shubs out.
October 2014 - Pauline pruning the Willow Tunnel.
October 2014 - Wild Flower seed being spread around by Brad whilst Rob is cutting the hedgerow.
January 2014 - Sunita and Jenna planting bulbs ready fro the spring.
January 2014 - Brad and Pauline planting more trees supplied by the Community Council.
January 2014 - Brad digging holes to receive three more fruit trees.
September 2013 - The mosics that were made by the children of Llanspyydid have now been laid on to the ground just in front of the gazebo.
September 2013 - The playground seat now has a new firm base.
September 2013 - Two paving slabs laid down near picnic table, this area is for villagers to set up there own bbq on a level surface.
September 30th 2012 - Planting the final fruit tree.
September 30th 2012 - Planting one of our newly donated six fruit trees.
September 30th 2012 - The Willow tunnel having it autumn prune.
September 30th 2012 - Jenna testing the new slabbed site for our picnic table.
September 30th 2012 - Laying the first slab onto the levelled sand bed.
September 30th 2012 - Tipping in aggregate to form a solid bed for the paving slabs.
September 30th 2012 - Digging out area for paving slabs.
August 11th 2012 - Gazebo finished.
August 4th 2012 - Gazebo being erected.
July 14th 2012 - All slabs are now laid, ready for the installation of our new gazebo.
July 14th 2012 - Sand was put down and leveled, then we started laying the paving slabs.
June 24th 2012 - Balance beam now installed. How few of steps do you need to get from one end to the other.
June 23rd 2012 - Planter now filled with compost and plants already installed. You can also see how well the Willow Tunnel is growing in the background.
June 23rd 2012 - Area dug out and filled with sand/gravel awaiting placement of paving slabs.
May 5th 2012 - Spreading the Hardwood Chipping's in the Willow Tunnel.
May 5th 2012 - Wood chips now all done.
May 5th 2012 - Even had some Wood chips left over for the Willow Dome.
May 5th 2012 - Our new picnic table waiting to be used.
April 28th 2012 - The first tree being delivered to the playground.
April 28th 2012 - The second of five trees being delivered to the playground.
April 28th 2012 - Brad digging holes.
April 28th 2012 - Pauline mixing in the new compost before backfilling.
April 28th 2012 - Brad and Pauline knocking in the posts.
April 28th 2012 - Jenna helping to backfill the trees.
April 28th 2012 - Sunita securing the new trees to their posts.
April 28th 2012 - All five trees now planted.
April 7th 2012 - Pauline constructing another Willow dome out of the leftover Willow from our Tunnel.
March 31st 2012 - Our rocks undergoing more testing.
March 31st 2012 - The old swing also gets a new coat of paint.
March 31st 2012 - First coat almost completed.
March 31st 2012 - Painting the swing under strict supervision.
March 31st 2012 - Our Planter got assembled in place with many helpers.
March 31st 2012 - Many hands make for light work.
March 31st 2012 - Which bit goes where.
March 31st 2012 - Pauline and Brad continuing to weave in more Willow.
March 31st 2012 - Willow tunnel progressing well.
March 31st 2012 - Everyone getting involved with joining the arches and starting to weave.
March 31st 2012 - Pauline supervising the children to plant the Willow.
March 31st 2012 - Preparing holes to insert Willow
March 10th 2012 - Unloading rocks from lorry.
March 10th 2012 - It took about a hour to unload all of these rocks.
March 10th 2012 - Moving the rocks around using a Telehandler.
March 10th 2012 - More rocks to move.
March 10th 2012 - First rock in position and weight tested by our very own Alison and Pauline.
March 10th 2012 - Every work site has to have foreperson with a cup of tea.
March 10th 2012 - Top row of rocks in position.
March 10th 2012 - Lower row of rocks also positioned.
July 2011 - We have our new swings installed.