Village Plan

Many ideas emerged from the church and village plan consultation held on the 11th May, with the main themes being the need for a community space, creation of a multi-use path into Brecon along the A40 and allotments. 

Friends of Llanspyddid met with Archdeacon Alan Jevons on 24th June as a means of an update on progress with the feasibility study and consultations and to review the position of the Church in Wales.  The church still has not gone through the redundancy process and when it does this will not affect our ability to use it.  Rather it will revert to Alex Glanville who is the property manager for the Church in Wales. In our conversation with Alan we explored the option of leasing the church and/or field with the intention of raising funds to convert the church to a community space while retaining its character.  Until then we didn't know that leasing was an option.  This does change the range of options we can explore and we have conveyed this to Mundo Architects.  We understand there is a range of leasing options that can be explored but not in detail.  Leasing would still require us to take on maintenance and insurance responsibilities. We are still seeking information on how much this might cost, in principle.  Ultimately, we will need to go to the Church in Wales with the agreed option we want to pursue.

On 1st July residents met to discuss village plan options.  All agreed that we should create a village plan to address community needs and to help direct any future development that may affect the village.  Rob Griffiths and Chris Hyde were elected chair and vice-chair of this committee, respectively. Dates for future meetings will be determined at the AGM.

Mundo met with the National Park Authority Planning Team on 4th July to discuss some of the options they are exploring.  Generally, these included: using the church alone as a community space, using it in conjunction with the church field, using the church field alone, or using another site for a community space.  In principle, use of the church and field for community space would be welcomed by the Planning Authority, assuming that plans adhere to planning, biodiversity and archaeological restrictions.  

Village Plan Documents

September 2019 Feasibility Study (PDF 1.2mb) Download
September 2019 'Crossing the Threshold' Toolkit Weblink
September 2019 Our Churches - St Leonard's , Yarpole and St Michael's Church Weblink