Our Village

Welcome to our village. As you can see from the picture we are just a small village huddled on one side of a valley.

In the past Llanspyddid won 'Best Kept Village' for 3 consecutive years. A plaque was presented to the village by the Rural District Council of Brecknock in 1971. 


Village Wildlife Conservation

  • With the major Churchyard/field Restoration taking place, to improve the sight of the village and churchyard, we are also affecting some of the local wildlife homes. So to try and compensate for this we are in the process of building bird boxes which will be sited around the churchyard. Obviously this will not replace the old trees / brambles that they may have enjoyed using in the past, but at least we are trying to be a bit helpful towards wildlife. 12 bird boxes have now been sited in various trees within the churchyard, all have numbers located on the front.

    Left - Three different types of bird box has been made for use around the churchyard/field. On the far left is a box for Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Marsh Tits with a 25mm hole. On the far right is a box for Great Tits, with a 28-30mm hole and in the center is a box for Wagtails, Robins and Flycatchers. We have four of each type at the moment.

Women's Institute

  • Want to make new friends?

    Why not join the Women's Institute? our nearest institute is held in Libanus.Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. We meet in the annex of Libanus Chapel at 7pm.We have a short business meeting followed by a speaker and end our meetings with light refreshments.Our speakers cover a wide range of topics.We are a happy band of ladies and are always glad to welcome new members.For further information please contact:-Mrs Vera Davies on 01874 623979

Recorded Village Names












Some Village History

  • Below - Extract from Sant Cattwg's Church. Llanspyddid. Historical Notes.

    Theophilus Jones states that the name Llanspyddid was frequently pronounced and written formerly as Llanspytty or Llan-y-spytty, quas, Llan-Osbaidd-ty; a house of entertainment or refreshment for guests. Others say it means the Church of May Trees. It is of ancient origin and is dedicated to Saint Cattwg (or Cadog) the 5th Century (or possibly 6th Century) Celtic Saint.It also has associations with the Brychan family. In the early thirteenth century document, de Situ Brecheniauc, it is stated that Anllach the father of Brychan, is buried- "before the door of the church of llanyspydyt". This may suggest that he was not a Christian although Wade Evans thinks that Llanhamlach Church was originally dedicated to him.

    Above - 1887 Llanspyddid Map - © Crown Copyright.  Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey®
    Above - 1903 Llanspyddid Map - © Crown Copyright.  Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey®


    Left -Extract from Historical Memoranda of Breconshire - John Lloyd 1904.